Information Technology

Dynamic operates in a PCI certified environment using one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated collection software platforms in the industry.


CSS Impact provides Dynamic with collection technology that surpasses the  expectations of all vendors and clients.  Its interfacing ability provides ease of set up and use for clients and real time monitoring of accounts and reports.  CSS Impact allows Dynamic to be completely transparent to its partners.


Our network  meets all of the PCI certification requirements and is tested on a recurring basis for any vulnerability points.  We’re also audited externally on an annual basis to stay abreast of any network security enhancements that can be made to protect  our client’s best interest.


Dynamic uses the hosted LiveVox dialing platform for all predictive and manual calls.  LiveVox provides a TCPA compliant solution that allows Dynamic to penetrate cell phone inventory in a compliant manner, or in any compliant manner required by our clients.

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