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Dynamic has a diverse book of business to ensure it can meet all the needs of its clients.  Our strategic approach to different verticals also makes Dynamic a partner that clients can rely on to continually invest in their portfolios.

Pre and Post Charge Off Collections


The analytical approach taken by DRS helps identify more productive customers that will result in a higher rate of success for our clients.  We use a multi-channel communication strategy to reach customers which allows DRS to be very strategic and flexible on all lines of business.  Our compliance and quality controls allow us to stay on top of a quickly changing regulatory environment that meets all client policies, state and federal laws, and security requirements.  DRS invests heavily into our IT infrastructure allowing us to meet the most creative needs of clients and regulatory standards.

Customer Care


DRS has years of experience delivering customer care solutions. Supported by innovative processes, award-winning technology and strategically located infrastructure and people, DRS helps clients reduce costs, increase revenue, and drive brand preference.

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